10 Cities in England That You Must Visit

10 Cities in England

So, you’re planning a getaway in the UK! Which cities in England should you visit, and why?

England is a beautiful country with diverse landscapes, cultures, and history. When planning getaways in the UK, it’s always difficult to decide where to go.

There are so many cities in England that will leave you breathless, but which ones are the best? Here are 10 cities in England that you must visit! 


Okay, this one is obvious. Everybody knows that London is an amazing city to visit on your UK getaway. With incredible food, fashion, nightlife, culture, and history, London has it all! 

There’s no reason to miss London when planning your trip, as it is a gorgeous city with hundreds of years of history to explore.  


Edinburgh is a gorgeous city full of perfectly preserved historical buildings and amazing food. This is why Edinburgh is the 2nd most visited city in England. 

If you’re interested in history, amazing architecture, and incredible landscapes, Edinburgh is the place for you! Edinburgh also has some of the greatest pubs and bars in England, so you can’t miss it when planning your getaway! 


Halfway between London and Edinburgh is the city of Newcastle. This city is extremely different from Edinburgh, as it is far more modern and contemporary. 

If you love to dance or just enjoy a vivid nightlife, you’ll love Newcastle. With clubs, bars, and pubs open well into the night, this is truly a city that never sleeps. 

Along with an exceptional nightlife, there are also some amazing art installations in Newcastle. Check out the Angel of the North just south of Newcastle, you’ll be amazed! 


If you love history and culture, you’ll love Bath. Named for the Roman Baths that are built in this location, you’ll never see anything like it! 

Enjoy a charming city, amazing culture and history, stunning architecture, and incredible food. This is one city you don’t want to skip on your UK getaway! 


Another city with incredible nightlife, Liverpool will surprise you with its beauty and liveliness. There are so many sights to see and with an eclectic mix of heritage and modern buildings, there’s something for everyone. 


There are far too many amazing cities in England, so it’s difficult to visit them all in a single UK getaway. When planning getaways in the UK, the best way to plan is to determine what’s important to you. 

Do you want to see a modern, vibrant side of the UK, the sleepy scenic side, or a mix of both? This will help you choose the cities that interest you most, and give you the best trip possible!