Augmented Reality making its way in Mobile Corporate Training

Most of the new technologies are introduced every year, and Augmented Reality (AR) is one of the futuristic technologies that are becoming the part of the modern mobile technology. Most of the people working in big-business houses have introduced AR in their daily life and are getting along with it.

It has brought forward the digital component in the real world as software that is developed for the mobile devices can be tested in the Augmented Reality environment. The budget for the AR is predicted around $100 billion by the year 2020. The Mobile AR is paving its way in the today’s time with AR mLearning App and can be applied in the corporate training too. Here is a sneak peek into the use of AR into the mobile technologies:

Usage of AR mLearning for the Users

The business houses have taken an initiative to teach their users on fixing the problems on their own that may occur in their products. With the usage of this newer technology, the user learning is becoming easier. The projected image on the mobile screen can help in the practical training like the company Volkswagen has introduced an app that will show the internal components and will show to fix them correctly.

Interactive Manual Representation

Most of the electronic manuals may have endless notes on the usage of the particular system, and the static images may not teach the users well. Therefore, the AR is helping the users to get an insight in the manual in a practical way with the help of the Mobile Augmented Reality App. The user can get responses through the inbuilt software used, through recorded media or the 3D model.

Dealing with the Corporate Problems

The AR technology is helping the employees by getting an advice from the virtual personalities and can get the solution for the problem they are facing. The Mobile AR app helps in solving the product issues, supplying of products to the sellers, marketing and selling problems and much more. It helps in preparing the employee for the realistic corporate challenges.

Best for On-the-Job Training

The AR helps in enhancing the supervisor’s role through the mobile training as the employees or users are taught through the real-life supervisors and the chances of making any kind of mistake lessen. The engineers, healthcare professionals, technicians, etc. can learn in the best way by practicing it rather than just watching the whole process.

In the present times, the Augmented Reality has taken a front seat, and the corporate houses are taking advantage with the Mobile AR Apps. It is helping in saving the time and energy as well as the cost of providing information to the individual users through E-mail or long hours of training sessions.