The International Fame Of Online Poker And What Makes It So Popular

online poker

Just when a new game enters the casino market, it creates a flutter and a round of people who start commenting on its success. The players in the casino world are well aware and up to date regarding any game that enters the business. They clearly remember the games and judge them by playing them too. Likewise, even if a new casino opens up, the players and reviewers spend time checking out their house advantage and then give reviews, which might be scathing or applauding. On hearing the Soundcloud account of Alex Dreyfus, the CEO of Mediarex Sports & Entertainment, players and reviewers get a fair idea on his policies and principles that lead him to work on making online poker so popular.


Is online poker popular?

Before the online poker came about, there were classic land-based casinos where punters would go on a weekend, and unwind, over a game of poker. That was a time long time back before the internet craze took over. Video games took over the late nineties and that was the beginning of the internet game love. That was also the time when the game developers started making slot games and putting them up for the youngsters to play online. Then social media came in the early 2000’s and the rest is history.

Today, there are millions of people playing casino games online at a given time across the world. This transition did not take a long while and it grew up healthily in spite of facing concerns from the veterans of the casino sector.


What were the concerns of casino experts regarding online poker?

  • Live poker vs online poker: The veterans who love sitting at a casino, with friends, and betting on the poker table with their cards facing down, poker was more than just a game. For them, it was a lifestyle, and hence, there were doubts if the game would actually find takers when it comes online. But shattering such beliefs came the Texas Hold’em online when it just appealed everyone online. From the regular patrons in US to someone in Asia, or Europe too, everyone loved it.
  • Non tech-savvy crowd: The live poker players do not need many resources and are generally, the players who wish to have a laid back game with friends. They do not like to go for the online version and use the resources or tools in the game online. They would rather leave their smartphones home and come to play a game without a care in the world. This was another concern for the game developers when online poker came about. Since, that would not have this massive crowd of people to play their games.
  • Use of online help resources: Yes, the internet is a hub for information and a player can check out various types of information online, while playing a game like poker online. But in the past or in the live poker table such information is more personalized. The clubs would have cliques or groups of players who have more experience than all these resources put together. So their help is better any day and better rewarding. Their know-how is not just restricted to playing the game well. On the other hand, while the internet has answers to most of the things, and information beyond anything, but not all information is requisite. It is of no value to a poker player to know about the name of the last poker winner while playing a game. Such timely and wise decision making knowledge is something only cliques of experienced players can give.


How online poker rose above the challenges?

Though live poker tables have one third of hands at a time as compared to every online table. Such fun times have become a reason for innovative entrepreneurs like Alex Dreyfus to establish online poker market. He did not just stop at innovating the online poker game, but also took steps to making the game more popular with far reach. He realized that since there were still many players outside the US who were not as much close to poker, waiting for it. So, he, on behalf of his game development firm, Mediarex Sports & Entertainment started the Global Poker League.

Millions of players online today, play the tournament and get lucky. His recent acquisitions of Global PokerIndex or GPI, and The have been instrumental in making the decisions better.

What works in favor of this company’s growth along with the rise in popularity of Global Poker League have been the dedication and the focus of the owner.

The bio of Alex Dreyfus speaks highly of his love for the sector, and his foresight to use the internet to reach out to the present mobile-savvy crowd. The popularity of online poker is just seeing more growth from here.