Time to Evaluate Health Risks Associated with Dietary Supplements

It is possible to eliminate side effects associated with nutritional supplements buy simply doing product adulteration. If you want to know how, then read the information below:

Few recent updates about health and diet from FDA revealed so many unbelievable facts about dietary supplements and ingredients impurity. Note that, the contaminated health supplements include the list of products that are available in market but with few impurities; they are different than what consumers are actually supposed to buy.

Ideally, all nutrition supplements are believed to carry healthy and safe ingredients but things have gone worse with time. Today you can find lots of unsafe combinations of supplements in the market so it is high time to improve your knowledge about what to buy and what you need to avoid.

The fact is that, many cost effective solutions have been added to market to serve common needs and they possess uneven amount of nutrition and vitamin while carrying few extraneous substances called contaminations. Most of these impure supplements increase danger of chronic toxicity inside human body.

Drug Interactions:

Most of the people these days are reporting issues with changing dietary supplements, especially with multivitamin and multimineral type supplements. Those who are consuming these untrusted products from several companies are facing severe health issues. Few combinations of vitamins and nutrition have bad effect on health. It is well explained that interactions of vitamins like K, E and C can generate too much harmful results as they start interference with blood thinning process by large amount.


Further, mega doses of nutrition and vitamins can lead to much harmful effects on kindey and liver etc with their adverse reactions. Studies reveal that taking higher dose of vitamin B-6, like of 1000mg rating, can cause neuropathy that is damage to nerve cells. On the other side, megadoses of vitamin A can lead to several bad health symptoms like dizziness, nausea, loss of appetite, headache, dry skin, loss of appetite and joint pains etc.


The contamination issue associated with lots of dietary supplements leads to harmful risks to overall health. Few recent researches have proven that most of the dietary supplements contain impurities like metals, cadmium, mercury and several other residues from pesticides. The toxicities caused by these heavy contaminations lead to life threatening troubles like they can cause major harm to the womb of a pregnant woman.

Unknown risks:

Scientists are working on several factors associated with nutrition supplements these days and they are coming out with new inventions every day. It is well proven that dietary supplements have several health issues and some of these are yet unknown. People are advised to limit their consumption as per health authorities’ regulation or prefer to consult medical professionals for their overall health effect.

It is important to stay aware about your diet and health; whatever you eat should leave a positive impact on your body instead of creating a mess inside. Choose healthy eating to have healthy lifestyle.