Top Five Paramount Alternatives to Pass the Urine Test for Weed

The urine drug test is deemed necessary in most of the organizations and people cannot escape from it. It can be a daunting task for the regular weed users to pass their test in the present job or if they are planning to shift to a new job. The strict rules have made it essential for the people to pass their urine test in order to seek their medical conditions. Therefore, if someone is high on weed or is a regular user but wants to pass the test then a person can refer to these five best alternates. Here are some of the points discussed in detail on how to pass a urine test for weed:

Intake of Water within Limits

Most of the times users switch on to drinking excessive amount of water but it can prove dangerous for one’s health. One should start with a daily intake of 2 litres of water and start it gradually some days before their test. It should be noticed that the urine should not become colorless or have a low level of creatinine. For making the pee yellow in color, one can take Vitamin B2 or Vitamin B12 few hours before their urine test.

Provide Middle Stream of Urine

If the person is looking forward on how to pass a urine test for weed then they can provide the middle stream of their urine for the lab testing. It is seen that beginning and the end stream of urine contains a higher level of metabolites. Moreover, one should avoid providing the morning urine as it contains higher level of toxic substance.

Quit the Consumption of Cannabis

The people should avoid taking drugs or cannabis 30 days prior to their test. If a person knows that their urine test is to be conducted then they should stop the consumption of cannabis. This quitting of the intake of cannabis will help in bringing down the drug level to nearly 50 mg/ ml, which will help the person in passing their urine test for weed.

Usage of Liquid Detox

Most of the time, people land in the tricky situation to pass their urine test because of the enforcement by the law so in this case:

  • Get the bottle of liquid Detox, which will help in cleansing one’s system
  • It helps in flushing out the drugs from the person’s body
  • This thing becomes effective within 60 minutes and can last upto nearly five hours

Choosing the Right Exercise and Diet

The overweight people can land in a fix while the urine test is conducted for weed on them. Here are some important points on how to pass a urine test for weed with proper diet and exercise regime:

  • The weed can be detected in the people who have higher body fat as it is found in the fat cells. Therefore, it is relatively important to lower down one’s weight.
  • One should not starve to lose their weight but should take proper diet and exercise regularly. The leafy and nutritious diet is equally important along with the running or weight loss exercises.

Therefore, these are some of the proven alternatives to pass the urine test for weed but people should be aware of their body types and take the steps accordingly.