Insight and Knowledge about Field Sobriety Test by Kansas City DWI Lawyer

Many DUI or DWI cases are reported every now and then but most of the times the driver is wrongly convicted. The DWI cases are also gearing up in the present times as people drive home under the influence of alcohol. DWI means Driving While Intoxicated in which the driver is held responsible for the consumption of alcohol more than the prescribed limit of the Kansas state. Therefore, to avert any kind of legal charges one should clearly approach Kansas City DWI lawyer for professional services if convicted through Field Sobriety Test.

What is Field Sobriety Test?

Field Sobriety test is conducted by the police officials as approved by the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration of the Kansas City for the DWI cases. Under this test, the One Leg Stand tests, Walk and Turn and Horizontal Gaze Nystagmus is carried on by the trained police officers. If the alcohol limit is found to be above the prescribed state limit, then the offender can face serious legal charges. Most of the times these tests may prove wrong as it becomes difficult to assess the impaired condition of the driver through video and in some cases the police officers are not found experienced to assess the results.

Inclusions in Field Sobriety Test

Here are some of the things that are covered in the Field Sobriety Test as approved by the NHTSA of the Kansas City. Therefore, one can always take the services of the Kansas City DWI lawyer who can provide an insight to the DWI convicts:

  • Check through Walk and Turn testing: The police officer verifies following clues with this walk and turn test.
  • If the person stops while walking
  • Person is unable to maintain the balance.
  • The driver starts doing the test fast.
  • He/She steps off the lines
  • Unable to touch the heel to the toe
  • Take the wrong number of steps
  • Rotate incorrectly or losing balance while turning
  • Use arms to balance the moves.


Under this, if the driver is failing in two or more clues, then they can be convicted of DWI charges by the police officer but if the person is wrongly convicted, then they should hire experienced DWI lawyer.

  • Horizontal Gaze Nystagmus Test: The police officers ask the DWI offender to gaze upon the eyes towards the side. Therefore, they can experience a sudden jerk. The offender who is experiencing involuntary jerking is unaware of the Nystagmus. This test also provides correct results if it is performed in a right manner but can provide wrong readings if the police officer is not experienced to conduct this test.
  • One Leg Stand Test: This test is conducted to divide the attention of the driver as they are asked to balance themselves on their feet while listening to the instructions. Further, the driver has to raise one leg to parallel off the ground nearly six inches away and start counting until asked to stop the counting.

Lastly, the trained police officer should carry out these all tests under field sobriety test. If the driver feels being wrongly convicted, then they should get services of experienced Kansas City DWI lawyer.